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What is this gargoyle called?

gargoyle image
Ignorance & Wisdom
The Ugliest Monster
The Fool’s Victory


Why does this toothy duck have a cameraman inside its mouth?

Photo 2
Photo 3
As a sly nod to the Cathedral’s tourists
The carver was an avid nature photographer
To show that you never know who’s watching


Which one of these three is NOT a gargoyle?

Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6


Why does the American Rattlesnake gargoyle have two rattles?

Photo 7
To symbolize America’s divided nature
To symbolize the temptation of the flesh and of the mind
So it looks the same from both sides


What does the cigar held by the Crooked Politician Symbolize?

Photo 8
Blowing smoke in people’s eyes
Shady deals made in smoke-filled rooms
The influence of Big Tobacco

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